External Considerations in Great Lakes Chemical Corporation


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External Considerations in Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
This paper shall answer four questions related to the business case study for Great Lakes Chemical Corporation.
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation Case Study
External factors can weigh heavily on any business. The most successful companies are able to identify emerging trends related to various external factors and adopt strategies that best position the company within this new reality. For Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, management must weigh the following external considerations and how they can affect their business: Social, Demographic, Technological, Economic, and Environmental, and Political, Legal, and Government Regulation.
Great Lakes is located in Indiana in a...
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..... concerns of environmentalists and international bodies may only serve to create an even greater groundswell against Great Lakes. Rather than phase out under a 5 year deadline, Great Lakes should negotiate that to 10 years and in the meantime develop strategies that can utilize the company’s resources involved in the leaded additive line for newer chemical products. That way, all the money and time invested in creating these operational capabilities will not go to complete waste.
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