Exploring Terrestrial Extremophiles


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Exploring Terrestrial Extremophiles
Are we alone? This is an intriguing question that many have pondered for centuries. From early man gazing up at the heavens trying to understand what those sparkling objects are;, to the more recent pop-culture subject of extraterrestrial invasion in science fiction books and movies, this question has been raised, with many answering that it would have to be life unlike any known on earth because conditions on other bodies in space are so different and so harsh. More recently, though, the scientific community, and specifically astrobiologists, have started studying extremophilic organisms, or extremophiles, meaning life on earth that manages to thrive in harsh conditions once thought too extreme for life...
The end:
.....es of extremophiles that have been found and the different environmental conditions in which they thrive.
Trent, Jonathan D. “Extremophiles in Astrobiology: Per Ardua ad Astra.” Gravitational and Space Biology Bulletin 13(2), June 2000, 5-11.
The author notes the nature of extremophiles on earth and considers what knowledge of them suggests would be possible for biological entities from elsewhere, and he suggests what to look for in any life that might be found.
“Welcome to the Extremophiles Research Group.” Extremophiles Research Group. 2009. Retrieved December 11, 2009 from http://www.webdesignasia.com/extremophiles.
This web page discusses a specific group that researchers extremophiles and how the group conducts research on the subject.