Exploring and Considering Various Research Methods


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Exploring and Considering Various Research Methods
Research is one of the most valuable tools that can be used in order to determine and demonstrate results to a scientific inquiry. Conducting research lets the investigator test the validity of a hypothesis, demonstrate a trend, uncover a deficit, or measure a value. As such, research is a powerful tool that can yield a variety of information. There are different forms or types of research that can be utilized: from the marketer testing the appeal of a product on a focus group, to the physicist determining the tensile strength of a filament. From this, then, it is important to understand how research can be conducted by understanding the basic principles involved.
The end:
.....ind the answers to any scientific inquiry. There are 2 primary philosophical foundations on which research is based, the experimental-type research and naturalistic inquiry. From these foundations come the design categories which encompass the traditional forms of design methods.
(1998) assert that the types of design methods can be hybridized for an integrated approach. The most important aspects of any research method, however, is dictated by the purpose of the study, the researcher’s learning style preference, and the body of knowledge already existing on the topic.
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, L (1998). Introduction to research understanding and applying multiple strategies (3rd ed.) Amsterdam: Elsevier Mosby.