Exploitation of Chinese Women in the Film “The Lake of Scented Souls”


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Exploitation of Chinese Women in the Film "The Lake of Scented Souls"
The film The Lake of Scented Souls (1993) directed by Xie Fei looks at the hardships faced by women in rural China. It focuses on a woman who manages to become wealthy but still has to carry her husband and son. She then participates in the cycle of oppression by buying a peasant bride for her mentally challenged son.
This essay will focus on the tragic fate of Chinese women under the influence of feudal ideas. It will be argued that despite the efforts of the Communist government China is still a country of inequalities. In rural areas Confucian ideology is still dominant. As a result women have no rights and are exploited by the men in their lives.
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.....is can be seen in the arranged marriages. In these relationships the marriage is not about the women getting married. The marriage is a business contract that is enforced by both the families. Due to these marriages and other Confucian attitudes there are constant cycles of women’s exploitation.
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