Expansion: Turkey or Italy?


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This paper shall provide country analyses on the business investment environment of both Turkey and Italy. It will look to determine which country could provide an IT business consulting firm the best opportunity for market entrance. 
Expansion: Turkey or Italy? 
At some point, successful firms will look for strategies that will help them expand their business. In some instances, the firm will decide that an expansion into international markets provides the best opportunity for growth and profitability. When a firm assesses where it would like to open new offices, a number of country characteristics must be taken into account. Among them, the overall characteristics that lay the foundation for the economy, the marketing...
The end:
.....s related to resource ownership, project coordination and decision control, it is probably wiser than entering Turkey alone. A partner that is knowledgeable of the economic and business environment can save the company on sales and marketing expenses as well as ways to escape certain pitfalls. A joint venture arrangement in Turkey is the recommended market strategy. 
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