Executive Report: Mr Jax Fashion Inc.


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The beginning:
Executive Report: Mr Jax Fashion Inc.
Key Issues Facing Management
The executive team at Mr Jax needed to make some crucial decisions about the future of their company in the late 1980s. The primary decision they had to face was that if they want to expand their business, they needed to look at ways in which they could enter the US market and, later, other international markets as well. The company executive had determined that US expansion was the most efficient use of their resources, and thus they had to decide whether to take a regional or national approach in this market.
The company had saturated the women's professional apparel market in Canada, and although Mr Jax was the market leader, there were challenges which they would face...
The end:
.....shion centre like New York or Los Angeles within an overarching international sales strategy.
This approach would allow the company to react to the needs of the US market efficiently, which is what US customers expect. Changes in production protocols had had a negative impact on employee efficiency in the Canadian plant; if these challenges prevented timely shipments of goods to the US, there would be issues keeping contracts. A national, separate US arm of the company led by an experienced fashion industry executive would build on the company’s financial and vertical integration abilities but ensure that US service expectations were met.Reference
Woodcock, C. and Geringer, M. (1991). Mr Jax Fashion Inc. London
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