Examination of Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess”


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The beginning:
Examination of Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess”
The dramatic monologue, because of its resemblance to a soliloquy in a play, is particularly suitable for revealing the character of the speaker. This paper examines Robert
, “My Last Duchess,” and discusses the nature of the speaker as it is revealed. All told, the following questions shall be answered: What kind of person is the speaker? What is his relationship with his wife? How does what the man says – and how he says it – give clues into the nature of his personality? Finally, what might the author be trying to say by presenting us with this character? In the end,
poem appears to be a condemnation of patriarchal conceits and of the arbitrariness of certain types...
The end:
.....s to show the iniquity of asymmetrical relationships.
At the end of it all,
work is a masterful exploration of the arbitrary and capricious natures of certain types of powerful noblemen who ruled in their marriages rather than sharing their lives with their spouses on equitable terms. The work is very evocative in that sense even if it condemns the protagonist because it shows him as wooden, unfeeling, vindictive, incapable of loving another person equally, and willing to view his partner as an object he can buy and sell and mistreat however he wishes. In a way, the narrator comes off as a barbarian.
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