Evil and its Consequences in Society


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Evil and its Consequences in Society
This paper explores the issue of evil at the level of the individual and whether or not it actually exists; in the view of this writer, it absolutely does exist because human beings possess free will and can elect to do evil things as opposed to being simply automatons controlled by some alien power. Beyond that, the paper explores the consequences of evil on society in terms of the justice system; as will become apparent, evil takes up resources that might be devoted elsewhere and can distract the system from providing rehabilitation to those who might be turned into productive citizens. Last of all, the paper explores what can be done to manage or deal with evil from a correctional perspective; in the...
The end:
.....ors with caution and isolating them appears to be entirely reasonable insofar as they have a clear desire to inflict harm upon others – then predators should be treated as a separate class in the correctional system.
In the end, the paper above argues that evil does exist on the individual level and the consequences of evil upon the justice system are profound; happily, there are things that can be done to mitigate the danger that such predators pose to staff and to other inmates within the correctional system. Ultimately, if you inflict evil, you should expect to be treated as an animal.
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