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Evidence-based prevention/early intervention project for target population: Combating depression in gay men in New York City
Target population described: demographics, risk factors, characteristics
Demographics. The United States Census Bureau does not appear to have any online materials highlighting the number of gay men in America or in the city of New York. Another source from the start of this decade suggests that about 5 percent of American males are gay (Link, 2000). In any case, a CDC study from 2005 found that, out of 4928 men surveyed in 2002-03, just over four percent identified as gay or bisexual (Mosher et al, 2005). According to one online source that predicates its findings upon 2005 US Census Bureau data vis-à-vis the total...
The end:
.....g into risky sex, studies say. American Medical News, 35, 16-17. 
Tuller, D. (1993,August 4). Gay men practicing unsafe sex, study says. San Francisco Chronicle, p. A16. 
Ursano, R., & Dressler, D. (1974). Brief vs. long-term psychotherapy: A treatment decision. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 159, 164-171. 
Yalom, I. D. (1985). The theory and practice of group psychotherapy (3rd ed.). New York: Basic Books. 
Accepted December 15, 1995 
By Michael E. Koetting 
Michael E. Koetting, MSW, CSW, is clinical social worker, Medical and Health Research Association, New York, and private practitioner, 416 Lafayette Street, Apartment 3G, New York, NY 10003. He was formerly clinical social worker, Gay Men's Health Crisis, New York.