Evidence Based Practices in Nursing


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Evidence Based Practices in Nursing
Nurses should be aware of evidence based practices because new research practices can benefit both the patient and nurse. Often nurses continue nursing practices that are traditional without knowing the reasons the practices are used. Nurses should read up-to-date professional nursing articles to stay aware of any new practices, but these practices should not be used unless evidence from several journal articles supports the practice. An example of newer evidence based practices is the way patients are handled and how newer practices make it better for the patient and nurse. Nurses need current knowledge about the nursing practice.
Evidence Based Practices in Nursing
According to Allison Shorten...
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.....news, but usually
require the clinician to visit the site without e-mail prompting. One such
site is SciCentral: Scan Today’s Breaking Research News <http://
www.scicentral.com/H-02heal.html>. SciCentral collects news from
such vetted services as EurekAlert, NurseLinx, and MedlinePlus. While
some entries are embargoed and others require registration, many are
freely available.
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