Every Vote Counts!


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Every Vote Counts!
When someone becomes eighteen, they are endowed with a great responsibility by the United State of America: voting and the rights of a full citizen. Voting matters in many ways, but the sheer exertion of one’s rights is something that is absolutely crucial on a national and grassroots level, and all levels in-between. Though votes aren’t wholly an extension of democratic control, they do represent the opinion of the people and are the foundation for exercising the rights and freedoms of being a United States Citizen. Without voting, we as a people lose the quintessential thing that makes us able to speak freely and apply our rights as citizens.
Voting really does matter because it means we are taking advantage of the...
The end:
..... a say in the country’s affairs and has a stake in the direction of the United States’ history. Voting means that every person can be more than just one person: they can be part of a history-changing trend with a single drop of a ballot. As one can see, even one vote does count in the course of history. Make your own rights, voice and obligations to this country matter!
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