Evaluation of PCMag.com


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Evaluation of PCMag.com
In recent years, Internet websites have become one of the most viable tools for the dissemination of corporate knowledge, data, and information. The following discussion provides an analysis of PCMag.com in order to provide insight into a number of fundamental questions related to information and knowledge management. Questions addressed, more exactly, concern understanding why the site is organized as it is, the purpose for making the information and resources available, what its value might be for either a corporate staff person or a student interested in knowledge management, and what place this kind of web site would have in the general field of information technology.
Summary/description of the Site’s Structure...
The end:
..... valuable resource. This is due to the fact that in a one stop experience, I can orientate myself to everything that is happening in the world of IT and business. It also provides enough detailed information to really help me dig in to specific topics of interest. It becomes evident, therefore, that the purpose for making the information and resource available is to serve the community of IT and business professionals in a way that drives progress in the field.
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