Evaluation of Dillard’s Store: Layout, Design and Visual Merchandising


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The beginning:
Evaluation of Dillard's Store: Layout, Design and Visual Merchandising
Store layout, design, and visual merchandising are important issues when it comes to the appeal and success of department stores. Some department stores pass the test in three areas while others fall well short in one or more areas. Accordingly, the following report provides an evaluation of Dillard's department store in terms of the store layout, design, and visual merchandising techniques employed.
To begin, Dillard’s department store uses a very basic classic font on the side of its building making it easily recognizable from several angles of the building’s exterior. The outside of Dillard’s is a very light brick building with three sides facing the outside of the...
The end:
.....pect to visual merchandising, corporate and the buying offices create planograms for several of the vendors and they are put on an intranet server to be accessed by every single store in the company. Different stores receive different planograms or directives according to the square footage of the store. The planograms are created each month for the ladies department and typically created each season for the men’s department. In sum, the purpose of the planograms are to make sure that the items get merchandised correctly according their assigned group code and to establish a correct flow. And it appears to work quite well this Dillard’s department store.
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