Evaluation of a Non-profit Charity: Army Emergency Relief


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Evaluation of a Non-profit Charity: Army Emergency Relief
This paper is evaluating the Army Emergency Relief organization. Perhaps more so than any other single body, this organization helps the men and women of the United States military who put their lives on the line for the United States of America. Its chief, as far as can be seen, is to provide financial assistance to the families of service personnel – and the aid given is limited only by the validity of the need (Army Emergency Relief para.1-3). It is an organization with a deep history and a strong service component and it deserves the respect of those who might be unfamiliar with the travails of soldiers and their families. In fact, this paper argues that the AER is an...
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..... card. The involvement of troop commanders in debt collection is nothing new or controversial - and indeed the role used to be much bigger.Splash, outJasonADDED: The article says that "most charity watchdogs view 1-to-3 years of reserves as prudent, with more than that considered hoarding." The problem with that statement is that most charity watchdogs are riddled with libtards who wouldn't recognize sustainable financing if it bit them on the ass. The AER's 12-year reserve is much closer to sustainable.ADDED: Don't miss Rustmeister's Alehouse today! His take on the reporter: "you're a douchenozzle, Jeff. Your hit piece on AER might read well with the latte sippers, but here, it's just so much crap."Yep.Plays well with seditionists, though.