European History: The Crisis at the Ruhr


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European History: The Crisis at the Ruhr
The Crisis at the Ruhr, as most students of history are aware, occurred after Germany failed to make payment as per their treaty obligations following the close of the First World War. The following paper will discuss the Ruhr Crisis by looking briefly at the background that led up to the Ruhr Crisis – paying particular attention to the reasons why Germany missed its reparations schedule. From there, the essay will describe the Ruhr Crisis and how it unfolded. In this part of the paper, one thing that will be highlighted is how the stubborn heavy-handedness of France probably cost it a chance to see its grievances resolved constructively in its favour. Additionally, and possibly more significantly,...
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..... commerce, it is only natural that they should favor any move calculated to bring the whole business to a speedy end. The Pope has not been idle. The failure of his letter of a week ago to Cardinal Gasparri was no deterrent to him. The Papal Nuncios at Munich, Belgium, Paris, were hard at work. Mgr. Pacelli, Papal Nuncio at Munich, went to Berlin and had a series of consultations with Chancellor Cuno with the result that the German Government semi-officially discountenanced sabotage. The Nuncios at Paris and Brussels were requested to urge that nothing be done by the French and Belgian Governments likely to hinder an eventual understanding with Germany.
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