Ethics Surrounding Artificial Reproductive Technology


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Ethics Surrounding Artificial Reproductive Technology
This paper shall explore some of the philosophical, moral, and ethical issues that arise when considering the use of artificial reproductive technology in order to conceive a child. This paper will use a hypothetical couple named Sarah and Jim to discuss some of the philosophical stances that one may take on this issue.
The Ethics Surrounding Artificial Reproductive Technology
In the past century research scientists and medical doctors have developed a multitude of artificial reproductive technologies to assist couples in conceiving babies. Many of these technological advances in human conception were controversial when they first came into use, and ethicists still debate the...
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..... consequences. I would tell them that their moral and ethical arguments mesh in a way that makes it clear that they should pursue the artificial assistance from a physician with the back-up plan of adopting a child if they still fail to conceive. Both Sarah and Jim are very logical beings, so they will probably embrace my solution, especially since it essentially restates what they already hold as their own beliefs.
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