Ethics of Banning Drinks that Combine Alcohol and Caffeine


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Excerpts from the Paper

The beginning:
Is it ethical for colleges and cities to ban drinks that combine alcohol and caffeine or other stimulants? Are such bans ethically justified in any way?
This paper will argue that it is inappropriate to have drugs around that trick people into thinking that they are still okay to drink when they are not; the drink encourages overconsumption and can lead to death because it removes the body’s natural defenses to over-drinking. However, outright prohibition is excessive and, instead, what is needed is for proper education and proper labeling of the goods in question.
Facts relevant to the case and proposed policy
The combination of alcohol and caffeine is perceived as very dangerous, according to various sources, because...
The end:
.....mply reminding people that the substances in these drinks, when used properly, do not cause death or injury; they only cause such problems when people insist on drinking too much. In the end, it would be unethical to ban these goods when a less invasive, intrusive, way of dealing with the issue is available.
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