Ethics in Nursing: An Interview with Mia H.


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Ethics in Nursing: An Interview with Mia H.
Situations in the nursing profession are constantly changing. Nurses must use sound ethical judgment at all times. Because of decisions, nurses around the world follow a set of ethical codes as a framework to help guide decision-making processes. Doctor’s views and nursing do differ in their care for patients. Nurses’ struggle in what they deem is the right course of action for the patient versus decisions doctors make in diagnosing and treating of patients. However, the overall goal is to ensure that people live longer with less suffering and pain and can live productively.
What is important is how one perceives what is ethical from a personal and professional standpoint. Sometimes...
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.....ional level. Additionally, Mia wants to ensure that the nursing profession is held to a high standard in which her and her colleagues follow to help prevent illness and continue to save lives.Lastly, Mia contends that justice in the healthcare profession should not be ignored. There are many times when patients do not have insurance or is on Medicaid/Medicare and hospitals set policy where they do not have to take potential patients who fall into this category. This puts nurses and doctors in a difficult situation where they violate their own professional code of ethics of caring for patients. Whatever patient has the most money or best healthcare insurance wins regardless of the severity of the case. A sad situation and injustice for many.