Ethics Case: Magicant International


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The beginning:
Ethics Case: Magicant International
1. The number of stakeholders in this case extend beyond Sam and the team at Magicant International. They also include the company’s directors, and people who own stock in the company. Major Motors Canada’s employees and shareholders are also part of the equation. As well, should the company’s actions lead to car accidents (if undercutting the competition leads to poor workmanship and quality) Major Motors’ customers are stakeholders, as well as anyone they impact while driving their vehicle. Sam’s family, especially his son who is benefitting directly from Sam’s higher salary, are also stakeholders.
2. Jim uses a Machiavellian method of managing his business. He does not have a participatory management...
The end:
.....s to Jim’s plan, he will not only be letting Magicant and its shareholders down, but he will burn all of his bridges with Major Motors. Second, if Sam’s name is on the bidding documents, he will become the scapegoat for a likely catastrophe, whether or not the company’s poor engineering practices have an effect on customers. If Sam stays with Magicant he will be blamed, or worse, legally responsible. He should take this opportunity to leave the company and professionally reconnect with his former colleagues at Major Motors while it is still possible.
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