Ethical Leadership at California Universities


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Ethical Leadership at California Universities
This paper shall look at the ethical frameworks in place at Davidson University and how leaders at the school would use this framework to make ethically just decisions.
Ethical Leadership at the Recession
Businesses continually stress the importance of ethical business practices and leadership. From an organizational management standpoint, they do this to create a positive work environment that contains guidelines for employees to follow as they fulfill their day-to-day activities. From a public relations view, companies boast of their ethics as a means to generate confidence from the consuming public. Beyond these two factors, educational institutions also put ethical guidelines in...
The end:
.....dent groups to mount a concerted campaign to re-acquire full University funding from the state. This budget crisis and potential necessity of tuition hikes will require ethical leadership and sound judgment on Yudof’s behalf – something that many on campus fail to believe will happen.
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