Ethical Issues in “Yahoo v. Survivors of the Holocaust”


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Ethical Issues in "Yahoo v. Survivors of the Holocaust"
Background and Ethical Issues
In this situation, the multinational corporation Yahoo is under indictment by the government of France for information posted on their US website, namely the sale of goods that may be coveted by people who perpetuate hatred against Jewish people. Although the company adheres to the strict laws of France on the French version of their site, they do not feel that they should be beholden to French laws for any information shared in the US, especially since the sale of merchandise does not clearly mean that hate is being perpetuated. Nonetheless, the French government thinks differently because of the fact that the US version of the site is visible in France....
The end:
.....logy has been developed, as we have seen recently regarding site-blocking efforts in China during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and in Iran during their general election last year. Nonetheless, this does not solve the ethical issue of the right to free speech as a whole. It is clear that the overarching ethical issue is that individuals should be able to say what they think to challenge the status quo, but many countries do not believe this is the case. Many countries use site-blocking not to prevent hatred, but to engage it, causing their citizens to become xenophobic and look only inward for solutions to both corporate and social problems. Reference
Wesley, D. (2002). Yahoo v. Survivors of the Holocaust. Boston
MA: Northeastern University.