Ethical Issues in the Social Function of Advertising


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Ethical Issues in the Social Function of Advertising
In the globalized marketplace, the role of advertising is coming under more and more ethical scrutiny with respect to its social functions – that is, functions of advertising that benefit society. And while many benefits of advertising can be identified in theory, there are also potential drawbacks that need to be recognized. Accordingly, the following report discusses the pros and cons of the social function of advertising in relation to two main social functions – 1) educate and inform consumers and 2) promote/create awareness and motivate the public.
One of the main social functions of advertising is to educate and inform consumers. An advertisement for a water purifier, for example,...
The end:
.....olume of advertisement that truly represents public interests.
In conclusion, the social function of advertising in terms of educating and informing consumers and promoting/creating awareness and motivating the public are all synonymous with public interest on the surface. But without mechanisms and controls in place to ensure a fair and balanced treatment of the issues behind the advertisements, the social function of advertising can easily be a double edged sword that both protects and endangers society at the same time.
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