Ethical Issues in Research


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Ethical Issues in Research
Research affects most areas of human life. When research is fraudulent, the research can cause change that is not accurate. Fraudulent research has affected the lives of minorities in ways that has been unfair and inappropriate.
British psychologist Sir Cyril Burt used fraudulent research to show that genetics affect the intelligence of individuals. The fraudulent research of Sir Cyril Burt was used in the United States to stop many educational programs, including Head Start. Burt used fraudulent research about twins to show that intelligence came from genetics and not environment. Another example of fraudulent research can be seen in the Bell Curve controversy where people used the racist theory that whites were...
The end:
.....sonally, how could health care providers not say something to the people when they knew that it was wrong? Strict laws should be passed on those who report fraudulent research and on those who use unethical procedures.
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