Ethical Issues in Business


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Ethical Issues in Business
The first issue to be examined regarding Company Q’s ethical attitude towards social responsibility is that they have closed a few stores in higher crime areas due to profit loss. To determine whether or not this is ethical necessitates gleaning more information regarding the community as a whole, such the availability of other grocery stores for the higher crime neighborhoods, and whether Company Q had explored options to resolve their profit losses in these areas. Other considerations regarding ethics practices would be questions such as, “What sorts of promises, if any, did they make to these higher crime neighborhoods when they opened up shop?” Also, “Do the residents of these neighborhoods have other tenable...
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.....w enforcement or other community organizations towards improved safety at their store and the surrounding area. A grocery store is, after all, a fundamental mainstay of any neighborhood, a necessity for survival. One might even goes so far as to say that the primary social responsibility of any business is, at bottom, a commitment to improving the overall health of the community it serves. In this respect, Company Q would improve its social status by attempting to serve everyone.
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