Ethical Dilemma: Patient Refusal of Care


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Ethical Dilemma: Patient Refusal of Care
Nurses want to act out of beneficence for the sake of the patient’s health and wellbeing. The purpose of this paper is to analyze a situation when a patient refuses care. Any situation of refusal can be disturbing and causes an ethical dilemma because it can present a threat to the patient’s wellbeing (CNO, 2009). An ethical dilemma is created when two ethical principles come into conflict. In this case, it was autonomy and beneficence and it became impossible to choose.
Mr. K was 65 years old and had several chronic conditions. He was hospitalized because of progression of rheumatoid arthritis. He also had nasal cancer that would progress without care. He needed to have his...
The end:
.....l., 2006) so that the decision will be fully informed. The person’s autonomy is completely respected and the demands of beneficence are then fulfilled.
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