Ethical Considerations for a Promotion


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This paper shall weigh the ethical considerations for an employee who has been offered a promotion due to an unusual circumstance.
Ethical Considerations for a Promotion
The modern business environment introduces numerous occasions where professionals must evaluate decisions while giving consideration to a host of criteria. While the core goal of a company remains to make money for its shareholders or investors, the decisions employees and management make that provide short-term profit may also endanger the company’s ability for long-term viability. Managers often must weigh the ethical implications of the business decisions they carry out. In this case study, an employee has been offered a promotion as long as they agree to a...
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..... a client’s wishes would not only anger the client but also lead to the loss of employment for all those working at the advertising agency. The cost-benefit assessment, through a utilitarian prism, would have to lead the account executive to accept the promotion and go through with the client’s wishes to replace the African-American actors with the Caucasian group.
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