Ethical Commitments for Riordan Manufacturing in India


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Ethical Commitments for Riordan Manufacturing in India
Riordan Manufacturing is a United States-based international plastics manufacturing company. Since 1991, when it was started by chemistry researcher Dr. Riordan, Riordan Manufacturing has produced plastic beverage containers, custom plastic parts for automobiles and aircraft, and plastic fan parts at its facilities in the states of Michigan and Georgia. In 2000 Riordan Manufacturing delved into the arena of international business by creating a plant in China to create its plastic fan parts. In the last eighteen years, Riordan Manufacturing has established itself as a multi-million dollar, profitable, and ethical business enterprise, with a global customer base that trusts its various...
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..... States. In working to reach an India customer base, Riordan Manufacturing must be willing to extend itself to show its care and concern for local customs, laws, and social concerns. This is the best method for establishing Riordan as a globally wise and nurturing company with an understanding of current and future manufacturing and marketing strategies.
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