Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing


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Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing
It is critical for nurses to have a keen awareness of both legal and ethical issues involved in our practices. In order to protect ourselves, our patients, our colleagues, and our workplaces, nurses must have a deep familiarity with laws, codes, standards, and policies that apply to our profession.
McIntyre and McDonald (2010) succinctly define the differences between ethical and legal issues by stating that “laws may be seen as external to oneself, being imposed from the outside” while ethics “can be viewed as something internal” (p. 344). Nurses must have a strong sense of ethics, or a moral compass, because we are faced with life and death decisions and moral dilemmas on a daily basis. Having a strong...
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.....upon our practices. I think that McIntyre and McDonald are wise to suggest that nurses become involved with ethics committees in order to stay informed about the latest laws and to discuss dilemmas that people in our profession regularly face.
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