Establishing and Running a Non-Profit


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Establishing and Running a Non-Profit
To become a viable non-profit, you must have a mission statement, programs and services, and serve a population not adequately addressed by many non-profits already in existence. You must also have a solid plan to raise funds, a qualified board that shares the work and the accountability, and proper legal and accounting advice.
Once you are sure your concept will be served by creating a non-profit rather than a for-profit, you first should create a name for the business and a mission statement. The mission statement will help you and others look at the reason why you are entitled to non-profit status, why the organization exists. For example, if you want to help people get grants as individuals, your...
The end:
During the past twenty years, governments have been less supportive of non-profits. Running a non-profit will take hard work and initiative. You must constantly find new ways to get the word out there about your mission and programs, and must constantly be trying to connect with the population you serve. With your 501 (c)(3), a good board, and a website, you can begin to find grants and serve the public.
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