Essays on Advertising


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Essays on Advertising
Part 1
The overview of the section on “The Messages of Advertising” describes the main themes of the upcoming essays. Here the authors take on the issues of advertising and its power. Advertising affects us through a wide variety of means every day of our lives. We tend to think that we can just brush it off, and not be susceptible to it, but in actuality, we are greatly affected by advertising whether we know it consciously or not. Advertising in a multi-billion dollar business that works because consumers respond to advertising by shopping for the kinds of goods that were describe in the consumerism section of this chapter. People are taken in by the new gadgets, the fine clothes, the beautiful jewelry,...
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.....consider ourselves as important, as healthy, as happy, and as interesting just as we are? I think that we should begin to think about these questions so that we can better understand the ways that advertising – and other cultural messages – affect our everyday behaviors and viewpoints. I think we should come up with new programs that emphasize that we are already good enough, and that we don’t need to keep looking for something else to supplement who we are as human beings. We could probably learn a lot from counselors, psychologists, religious leaders, and other people who are interested in making the world happier and healthier by investing their time in who people actually are, instead of who they might be if they buy the next big thing.