Essay Questions for Latin American History


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Essay Questions for Latin American History
Essay Question 1: Analyzing the Important Economic Expansionist Policies of Spain and the United States as Shaping the Colonial/Third World Identity of Latin America Nations
The early expansionist policies of 16th century Spain promoted the most crucial foundations for the shaping of Latin America as a subservient colonial state serving European economic interests. In this context, the first explorations of Columbus in 1492 led to a discovery of the Americas that was able to set in motion this policy in the taking of lands in what is now known as Latin America. This was an important historical event in Europe because Spain was the first country to begin its colonial expansion into Latin America...
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.....ican government is promoting domestically and abroad. Morales does provide an old school type of socialism within this international political culture, but surely, he providing a new wave of imperial resistance that implies more nationalism amidst the growing privatization of economies around the world.
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