Equality for Women in Science


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Equality for Women in Science
Women have worked hard for many decades to make progress in the battle for social equality. And in this respect, no challenge has been greater than advancing the role of women in science. While significant progress has been made for women in science over the years, women are still not equally represented as faculty in the sciences and colleges continue to reject female undergraduate applicants at rates drastically higher than that of men (Kingsbury 50). To understand how to fully realize equality for women in science, it is necessary to assess the effects of the legal system, societal norms, and professional practice in the field. Accordingly, the current report discusses and analyzes these issues while also...
The end:
....." in science which would be more inclusive of women. And finally, the recommendations and strategies would provide the necessary support in the form of child care and mechanisms for enforcing antidiscrimination laws. These recommendations and strategies are by no means comprehensive, but they form the basis for a great start to addressing inequality for women in science.
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