Envy and Contentment in “The Necklace”


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The beginning:
Envy and Contentment in "The Necklace"
The theme of The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant is about appearance vs. reality, on more than one level. On one level, this story is about a woman who cannot be happy, and is never satisfied, though her dissatisfaction leads toward her life becoming much worse. On another level, this story is about not being able distinguish between valuable things like diamonds and less valuable things, like bits of costume jewelry. Finally, there is how Madame
was obstinate in illusion, destroying her happiness before confirming she’s lost precious stones.
failure is partly personal, and partly the fault of her untimely femininity. Women in the 19th century had less education and opportunity....
The end:
.....his case she ruins his prospects with her headstrong stupidity.
Envy is a terrifying thing after reading The Necklace, which is a superb story. Envy makes the protagonist miserable and stupid. Envy makes her ruin her life and ruin the life of the person who loves her the most. Envy for the people in the higher echelons of society propels her thinking in such a way that makes her plummet to the worse parts of society, which is exactly where she belongs. Her prettiness was an illusion and not enough to make her deserve better. That is why it is difficult to sympathize with the protagonist.
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