Environmental Issues and Ethics: Hurricane Katrina


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The beginning:
Environmental Issues and Ethics: Hurricane Katrina
This paper identifies any unintended consequences of humankind’s activities that have led to environmental problems; the ensuing paper will also explore how scientific or technological activities are exacerbating or improving the existing situation; finally, the paper will discuss to important issues that can be easily overlooked: how might a proper application of the scientific method have helped the problem; and what alternative solutions beyond the scientific method might have brought success in the case of Hurricane Katrina? In the end, a lack of foresight explains many local problems.
To get started, humankind has often unwittingly caused environmental problems to arise that simply...
The end:
.....see what can be done. Preferably, the local government should have been testing for new alternatives (such as those mentioned) even before the storm hit; alas, they did not do so.
In the end, humanity has many wonderful ideas that have made parts of the world more habitable; however, humanity has also overlooked the negative aspects of urban expansion and has failed to consider what can be done to help the local ecology. A few simple steps can make so many things so much better.
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