Environmental Factors Paper: Microsoft


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Environmental Factors Paper: Microsoft
This paper looks at Microsoft Corporation and addresses how environmental and domestic factors shape its marketing decisions. The paper reveals that things do fluctuate depending upon the particular locality and that Microsoft’s best bet for continued success is to calibrate its marketing message to what people in different places want to hear. Additionally, the paper notes how political and regulatory factors also shape marketing decisions and can even discourage various types of marketing campaigns whilst making others both necessary and desirable.
This paper will select an organization with which I am familiar that conducts domestic and global marketing. The paper will discuss...
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.....eputation that is not of the highest calibre, Microsoft should be stressing in every advertisement how it is committed to social justice, to environmentalism, to human rights, and to the proposition that the best corporations give back to society at large. As well, in international markets where certain issues predominate, it would be wise for Microsoft to emphasize how it is tackling those issues; for example, in the developing world, it would be advantageous to outline how Microsoft is devoting large sums of money to helping people overcome hunger and privation.
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