Environmental and Political Conflicts: Dam Building on the Mekong River


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Environmental and Political Conflicts: Dam Building on the Mekong River
The nations of Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and China are currently engaged in debate regarding dam building along the Mekong River. Scientists, politicians, environmentalists, builders and the general public are having input in this debate. Also involved in the debate, to varying degrees, are military interests in some of these nations, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) as well as foreign business and banking interests. A specific dam project, called the Xayaburi dam, will be addressed in this paper.
According to the Voice of America, an international petition signed by more than 22,000 people from over 100 countries urges Laos and Thailand to halt plans for...
The end:
.....urces. How these many complicated issues play out remains to be seen. It also remains to be seen what impact and influence the political ecology movement will have on the outcome.
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