Enterprise Architecture Assignment


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The beginning:
Enterprise Architecture Assignment
According to Ross, Weill, and Robertson (2010), the four kinds of operating models are: (a) diversification, (b) coordination, (c) replication, and (d) unification. The selected operating model for this assignment was replication and the company chosen was Coca-Cola. According to Ross et al., the characteristics of a replication model are as follows.
Table 1
Characteristics of the Replication Model
Few, if any, shared customers across business units
Independent, aggregated at a high level
Business Units
Operationally similar
Business Leaders
Autonomous, limited discretion over processes
Business process design
Data definitions
The end:
Design processes with formal language (such as BPML)
Translate processes into IT terms and use process articulation to create or modify applications
Create hub-spoke distribution model to serve processes and applications to the company’s business units; in doing so, choose a parent-child IT infrastructure that ties functionality at the unit level to definitions and standards at the corporate level
Create format for collecting and aggregating data generated by individual business units and feed this data into business intelligence, forecasting, and capacity planning applications at the central level
Ross, J.W., Weill, P., & Robertson, D. (2006). Enterprise architecture as strategy. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Business Press.