English: The Wisdom and Insight of Frank Smith’s Reading Without Nonsense


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English: the wisdom and insight of Frank Smith’s Reading without Nonsense
What follows is a personal response and brief discussion of Frank Smith’s insightful, Reading without Nonsense. What this paper shall posit is that Smith demystifies the reading process. At the end of it all, when reviewing this text, one comes away with the sense that Smith is firmly of the mind that reading really involves meta-cognitive or conscious strategies that limit the amount of visual intake (focus on what is pertinent, in other words) and that focus on interpreting the materials rather than simply trying to read them blankly off a page; in short, limit the amount of visual intake and scan for meaning, instead. All told, it is an excellent book – though...
The end:
.....or any career-oriented academic to do. For the most part, the book is really echoing one theme time and again: true reading comes about when we secure meaning from the printed word; we must understand words and textual excerpts holistically and we must use non-visual, contextual and associated knowledge to formulate meaning – as well as relying upon strategies that compel us to make connections between words of comparable shape and construction. It is a powerful message – but one wonders why Smith did not stop after the first few chapters as those were the chapters wherein he laid down what this reader considers to be his most fundamental points.    
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