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Engineering Management News Article
There are many ways in which the Engineering Management (EM) adds value to public and private organizations. This essay describes how EM has played a pivotal role in the process of bringing military jets to market on behalf of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. The article in question, “Model-Based Design Helps Aerospace Engineer,” was written by Jon Friedman and appeared in an engineering-centric online publication known as Design News; the URL is
Friedman’s thesis is that EM’s control of two components, “automatic code-generation technology and hardware-in-the-loop testing,” leads to direct business benefits...
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..... where a company’s engineered product fits alongside the other components of a larger product, and ensuring that the engineering team’s work is aligned with the business and technical requirements of other teams; and (b) Radically reducing errors by the kind of testing discussed by Friedman, as the introduction of component-based errors into a larger project can jeopardize the entire system. As such, we can expect the discipline of EM to become more important and more sophisticated, given the increasing reliance of many industries on outsourcing.
Friedman, Jon. “Model-Based Design Helps Aerospace Engineers.” Retrieved November 10, 2010 from