“Eleven Minutes” by Paulo Coehlo: A Plot Summary


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The beginning:
"Eleven Minutes" by Paulo Coehlo: A Plot Summary
This paper is a summary of a text entitled, Eleven Minutes, by Paulo Coehlo; the text is a fictional text and was released in 2004. What follows is a plot summary of the text.
The book begins by talking about Maria, a young girl in a small community in Brazil who wants to meet her Prince Charming and live out a fairy tale. Once, while still a young girl, she loved a boy – but she never could find it in her heart to tell him as much; eventually, he moved away and the chance was lost. This was a bitter experience for Maria (Coelho 4-5). Later, though, Maria does meet a boy and she enjoys her first kiss; she also engages in her first bouts of masturbation – which brings a stinging rebuke from...
The end:
..... Maria (Coehlo 272-273). One of the more interesting things about the afterword is that Coelho goes into some detail about how a number of prostitutes actually attended a spontaneous book signing in Langstrasse that featured Coelho: as he describes it, Coelho wanted to originally write a book about sex, but conceded that he lacked the plot and principal character to make the book work; evidently, one of the women with whom Coelho came into contact was the aforementioned maria. One other thing of note is that Coehlo discusses how sex has become profaned in our culture and Coehlo wants to describe all of that in the hopes of recapturing its sacredness (Coehlo 272-273).
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