Effects of Alcohol Abuse


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Effects of Alcohol Abuse
According to Statistics Canada; “in 2002, more than 600 000 Canadians were dependant on alcohol, and nearly 200 000 on illicit drugs” (
, 2002, p. 14). Although many Canadians drink, for over half a million of them, alcohol has led to dependence. Although alcohol is not an illicit drug, its abuse is both addictive and devastating. Like with illicit drugs, the greatest risk of dependence is amongst young. For example, the rate of alcohol dependence was “8.6% at ages 20 to 24, compared with less than 2% at age 35 or older” (
, 2002, p.14). Mental illness and depression are often associated with alcohol dependence. Long-term alcohol abuse is often the cause of many serious and chronic, even fatal...
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...... 174).
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