Effects of Addiction on Families


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The beginning:
Effects of Addiction on Families
Substance abuse has considerable direct and indirect effects on familial relationships. While it is clear that substance abuse is involved in many negative family situations, it sometimes can be “unclear whether the substance abuse is the cause or the effect” (
“Substance Abuse,”
. 1). Substance abuse can be financially devastating to a family or marriage. Parents or spouses may use funds earmarked for necessities like food or children’s clothing, monthly rent or mortgage payments, or telephone and electric bills to feed their habits (Ibid.).
Apart from the more direct effects of substance abuse on family life and structure, addiction causes considerable stress on the familial social fabric....
The end:
.....aught or confronted teens may rebel or become defiant. Meanwhile, parents are often left with feelings of guilt or anger, believing that they have somehow failed as a parent (Teen Drug Abuse,
. 1-2).
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