Effective Communication in Diverse Groups


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Effective Communication in Diverse Groups
Planning A Playground: Group Diversity and Communication Styles
Working in groups presents many challenges from the number of people in the group to the clarity of their goals and their ability to work together. As diversity is added to the group, the complexity of group functions increases regardless if the diversity is of a functional nature, demographic nature, or some of other form (
, and
, 1999). This particular group faces the challenge of being a temporary group formed for a specific public project with different motivations for each of the people in the group.
What diversity existed?
In this group diversity can be found in a number of forms. First and foremost the...
The end:
and Wynn, 2007, p. 157). There were no acknowledgements of ideas or active leadership, but very passive leadership. A second technique that would have helped the group to focus would have been for the chair to use the newsprint pad behind him to put one question on the page and keep the group focused on brainstorming for that specific question (Wilkinson, 2004, p. 95). This helps the chair keep the group on topic and focused.
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communication abilities, and success at work. Journal of Business Communication, 26(4), 293 – 303.
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