Educational Leadership: The Vision Group Project


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The beginning:
Educational Leadership: The Vision Group Project
This paper reports on the feedback obtained from various demographic slices of the chosen school in order to determine if the vision is meeting the needs of the entire school. The information collected will provide a foundation from which to revise the vision along a number of possible pathways. Thus, the paper will conclude with a revision of the vision based on the reported feedback. Along the way, the body of the paper will clearly document the type of information collected and the ways in which the information was collected.
The new vision statement was as follows: “Developing students who are life-long learners who recognize their strengths and can set and work towards achieving short...
The end:
.....chieve a document that addresses the needs of all stakeholders. This paper has explained how feedback has been collected and used to further refine a vision statement, but the process will no doubt be ongoing.
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