Education – Standards Assignment


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Education - Standards Assignment
Standard 1: Teaching Philosophy
Statement: There are two styles of teaching: Banking and rehearsal for revolution.
Artifact: Liberatory classroom
Rationale: The classroom is a place where freedom is gained through knowledge. Knowledge is posed as the vehicle to freedom of the mind and when the mind is free the body follows. The classroom is interesting, dynamic and allows students to learn at a higher level as a result of the freedom to self-express. The success of my classroom is in my decision to teach my students how to practically apply what I am teaching them. The knowledge of my classroom gives students the freedom to achieve personal wealth, speak about social justice and enlighten others with the...
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.....with their child on a project. The title of the letter begins with Family indicating that it is a time for parents to help their child prepare for a return to school after the holiday break. The days of having vacation weeks during the school year are long gone. Each holiday is an opportunity for students and parents to learn and participate in the lesson together.
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