Edmunds’ Corrugated Parts and Services


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Edmunds' Corrugated Parts and Services
Analysis of issues faced by Edmunds and description of what lead the company to current situation
There are a number of important issues facing Edmunds after years of sure growth and surging sales revenue. The corporation is now facing the following: the certainty of slower fiscal growth after a number of years of steadily increasing sales revenue; the approaching retirement of many of the corporation’s original employees whose hard work led to the success of the corporation; the difficulty of replacing the retiring workers with workers who share similar work ethics; “higher raw material costs resulting from the steep increase in steel prices” (Daft, 2010, 208) due to increased costs across the...
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.....ations; and (iii) implement protocols to effect the recommendations to ensure the corporation’s output continued to be profitable. Such a division would not need to be large, but it would require staff who are experienced in the industry, have statistical and/or actuarial skills, and who could dedicate themselves to remaining with the corporation on a long term basis, as emerging trends tend to be only obvious with ongoing, consistent observation. Such a division would require staff with experience and vision, and these qualities would be difficult to find in inexperienced personnel without the background of long-term industry skills.
Daft, R. (2010). The Environment of Management. In R. Daft, Management. Mason: Cengage Learning.