Edgar Allan Poe and the Inevitability of Death


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The beginning:
Edgar Allan Poe and the Inevitability of Death
1.1Thesis: Poe's lesson - no mask can protect anyone from
the inevitability of death
2.0Prince Prospero
2.1 Symbolic of the antithesis of death - wealth, vivacity,
and jubilance
2.2 Prospero's light hearted friends
3.0The Seven Painted Chambers
3.1 The ghastly appearance of the black room
3.2 The east to west layout
4.0The Ebony Clock
4.1 The effect on the musicians and Waltzers
4.2 The inevitable passing of time
5.0 The Red Death
5.1 The mask of death
5.2 like a thief in the night
6.0 Conclusion – Poe’s effectiveness in delivering the main
In Masque of the Red Death, author Edgar Allen Poe attests to the truth that...
The end:
.....r Prince Prospero’s light-hearted friends of social position and privilege, the same holds true. These people revel in their pretenses and illusions. That is why Poe sets the story amidst the masquerade motif. It is as though the author is saying that no matter what masks and pretenses people use to protect themselves, one thing they can never defeat or escape is death. Thus, in the final analysis, Poe delivers a stunning and provocative statement that death is inescapable for us all. Not even a single masquerader is protected from the inevitability of death, princes, nobility, and peasantry alike.
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