Economics of Thailand


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Economics of Thailand
The economics of Thailand have grown and recessed as Thailand relies heavily on specific dependent industries which have limited Thailand’s capability.
Thailand developed stark economic growth prior to the middle of the 1990’s because of a reliance on a production based economy and free trade with Western States. As a perpetual source of manufacturing labor and subsequently cheap goods, Thailand has served as a backbone to the world economy that is often overlooked because of their relatively low global political presence (Yuvejwattana, 2010). What has made the cheap labor cost efficient and capable of sustaining growth, is a lack of workers’ rights. Labor unions in Thailand are almost non-existent in...
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..... that experience stagnant economic growth; either the citizenry is taken care of or they will begin to thrust off shackles and take care of themselves. Investment is a faith-based initiative. What this means is that it must eventually pay off. For Thailand, the time is now.
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