Economics Final Exam Paper


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Economics Final Exam Paper
Topic I: The Kyoto Protocol
The Kyoto Protocol is intended to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, which are a factor in global warming. In a world otherwise divided along economic, political, and social lines, the Kyoto Protocol has met with near-universal acceptance from the community of nations. The key exception to the Kyoto Protocol is America, the nation that produces more greenhouse gas emissions than any other; America, virtually alone in the world, has refused to ratify the protocol. This paper will analyze America’s non-participation in the Kyoto Protocol, paying special attention to the economic, political, and cultural reasons for America’s attitude.
America is the birthplace of the greenhouse gas...
The end: deal for the privilege of being separated from the crowds, virtually all of it tax deductible—meaning, in turn, that the hoi polloi bear part of the cost of being segregated from their economic betters” (55).
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