Economic Perspectives on Caring


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Economic Perspectives on Caring
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July 11, 2010
Caring can be framed from the perspective of its economic realities. In the modern world where women have increased their economic standing, the traditional role of women caring for family and friends has become less pronounced. Because of these economic realities a reduction in the amount of care given to affected entities such as children and the elderly has risen. This situation has become even more critical for the affected circles around women who are working in lower paying jobs.
The rise of daycare facilities and managed care facilities for the elderly may very well be direct result of the lack of...
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.....e social system of care. In reality, the emancipation of women from their previous constraints of care-giving only highlights the fact that care-giving itself was a demesne of disproportionately. The gap in care-giving has not been adequately taken up by men. Furthermore, governments and social networks in general have not manifested adequate solutions to these problems. To a degree, care-giving itself has thus not been regarded with nearly enough importance. The onus is upon lawmakers, politicians, and society to truly address these issues and enact realistic solutions. In the absence of such focus, vulnerable groups are sure to suffer.
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